eTwinning tree

What is this project about?

This is a story  of one successful  eTwinning project cooperation. We are more then 20 European schools who have worked as a team  since 2010. During this period we have had five successful projects together and an unforgettable intercultural dialogue.
In this project eTwinning treewe  are 30 school from 26 European countries.

We chose this subject,because  we wanted to develop a sense of respect and care for the natural environment.
The project activity put the students in direct contact with the nature  through trips to visit a remarkable tree in their region, by planting a tree and creating a travelling book about tree. We had activities which indirectly steered and constructed in the students love of nature- online creating toys for the Christmas tree , online creating a tree from non-traditional materials , online creating a tale of magic tree.The project is dedicated to an eTwinning program and its 10th anniversary, therefore it was named "eTwinning tree".

"Every tree is important" - Campaign for planting a tree

With this activity we wanted to teach our students to respect and love nature and to think and act to protect the life on earth. We strongly believe that every tree can positively influence the life on our planet.32 schools from 26 European partner countries in the eTwinning tree project planted a tree in their school yards.
The students really loved this activity and were so proud of their actions in helping  mother earth!

See our planted trees -it may inspire you to plant a tree too...................................

Trip to visit one remarkable tree

At  first the students from each participating school investigated and found one remarkable and special tree in their region. The parents helped  us a lot in this investigation.Then the teachers organized  a special field trips  to visit these trees. After that, the students had to write down a short story answering the question- "What would the tree tell me if it could speak?" and  draw a picture of the visited tree.The stories are written in English language.
The trips  were planned to show our students nature`s greatness and to  provoke them to feel respect and love to it.

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Travelling book "eTwinning tree"

The most inspirational and emotional activity in the project!

In November 2015 we decided to create one  unique book- a Travelling book which will travel for two years to meet students from 29 schools from 23 European countries.

The book  was  prepared  from SOU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak, Bulgaria and printed in only one copy in a local print house. The Bulgarian team was the first to see and hold the travelling book.
Ani Teneva and Helena Kalaidzhieva were the first authors who wrote and drew on the first pages of the book!

The travelling book '"ETWINNING TREE" began its trip from SU "Ekzarh Antim I", Kazanlak, Bulgaria and travelled for 2 years in Europe.

From Kazanlak, the book started its trip from partner to partner through a schedule made in advance from the coordinator of the project.
In the travelling book "eTwinning tree" there were provided 3 pages for each school.The students in every partner school visited one remarkable tree in their region. Then they created a stories answering the question  "What would the tree tell me if it could talk?" and made a drawings of that  remarkable tree. When the book came to their school  the best story and the best drawing was included in its content. The authors of the best story and the best illustration  wrote and drew  by themselves their creation on the relevant for their school pages  in the Travelling book.
Every partner put also  an envelop with  team photo  and leaves  from  the chosen remarkable tree.
The texts in the book were written on English!
For the two years of travelling the book  visited  29 schools in 23 European countries.

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Online team work

During the project lifetime, the partners worked in a team and did online meetings .
The main goal of  the online team work was to exchange different experience where students from one country teach students from others online  in creative work.
This activities were  very emotional -students met and tought each other in different  techniques of creative work.Online meetings brought so mach fun and  knowledge to both, students and teachers. For the project time we organized 35 online sessions via Skype and Google hangout
All this was dedicated to a tree subject.
In December 2015
The  topic of online meetings in December was creating a Toy for the Christmas tree

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In March-April 2016
The topic of our online meetings was the creation of a Tree from not ordinary materials.The main goal again was to develop students` imagination and creativity.

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In May 2016
In May  we collaborated  in making a story named "Magic tree".

The story was created in a chain- first school started the story and then the next school continued from the  place where the previous partner stopped.

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Creation of e-book "eTwinning tree'

All partners` stories  "What would the tree tell me if it could speak", along with the students` illustrations of their remarkable trees and photos of the trip to these trees were collected in e-book "eTwinning tree"